Seat Belts Safety.

I think all school buses need seat belts. Why you may ask? Because it would make every kid on the bus more safe. Don’t you know when the bus driver slams on the brakes, you fly and get your head smashed on the front seat? That is one of my reasons. Also, when I was in second grade, my bus got in an accident. One of the kids had to go to the hospital because he had cuts from glass breaking then him sliding down the walk way. If you had seat belts, you would not fly out into the walk way. You would stay in your seat. My suggestion is to put seat belts on all buses. If they didn’t have them then the school could get sued for not giving their children full protection. How I would make this happen is by a law. I will┬ásend a letter to the House of Representatives. Remember, safety first!

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