My Favorite Places To Go

Rispond BeachCreative Commons License Neil Williamson via Compfight

I like to go to Florida. I like Florida because it is hot all year around. Also it recently got hit by a hurricane. Plus there is more than one hundred fifty cities in Florida. Another reason I like Florida is because all the beaches to go to. That is why I like to go to Florida.

LAKELAND CALM Tony Armstrong via Compfight

One other place I like to visit is Michigan. I like it because all the places to go hunting and fishing. One fun fact is that Michigan is one of the biggest fishing spots in the world. Also when me and my dad went down there I got a fish more than three and a half feet long.That is why I like to visit Michigan and some fun facts about it.

One thought on “My Favorite Places To Go

  1. So you like Florida, because it was hit with a hurricane??? Its mostly beaches there because Florida is a Peninsula, just a tip 🙂

    Wow, catching a fish sounds fun.

    Anyways please visit my blog,and comment too


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